Why Digital Is Here to Stay: Post-Pandemic CX

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At Navstella, we’ll be the first ones to admit we’re a bit biased when it comes to customer experience (CX) being the next ubiquitous “trend” in the market, but even “trend” isn’t entirely accurate. CX represents a paradigm shift. In many ways, we have come full circle back to the time when there was an emphasis on experience. Let’s discuss this.

The world is becoming increasingly digital, and when the pandemic does end, the team at our consulting agency is 100% convinced CX will continue its rise as people navigate their way through connected digital and non-digital Omni channels.   continue to be activated all around us.

Work-Life Balance: Worlds Have Officially Collided

Since the pandemic, have you found yourself or your spouse working on your bed more often, even responding to work emails during an episode of The Queen’s Gambit? The majority of us are now using the exact same devices for work as we do for personal use.

For better or worse, demand has surged beyond any expectation of the slightest waiting period. As a result, integrating work into round-the-clock snippets rather than strictly set 9-5 hours has been one of many primary ways to fuel our no-patience levels of efficiency.

Our personal lives have merged with our work lives, and there doesn’t seem to be any going back at this point.

Time vs. Money: Knowing What Your Customers Value Most

You can now do everything you want to do from home. You don’t have to go out physically if you don’t want to (for example, all of us are cashing checks online, etc.). The digital activation of these options has put customers in the driver’s seat, finally granting them control over how they spend their precious time.

As consumers, our time is invaluable, and we are growing more and more aware of this fact. Because of that awareness, we are willing to spend more money in exchange for getting some of our time back.

In other words, when time and money duke it out in a cage match, time is going to emerge victorious in almost every scenario. And this time translates to experiences – experiences that surprise and delight us. Experiences that are memorable, personalized, and easy. Experiences that rise above transactions.

Moving Your Business Forward by Putting Customers First

Above all, we’ve established that convenience has become more important than the product itself. Amazon has certainly unlocked this riddle, so why can’t your business?

If people are doing business with you, and it’s not by choice, there is no feather in your cap. Those customers will go somewhere else the moment the freedom to choose does become available, just like people have chosen Amazon’s free two-day shipping over costly week-long mailing periods.

At the heart of CX is the basic principle of putting your customers first. You must show customers love every step of the way. Since it’s more expensive to acquire new customers, they often get treated better. How many times have you seen an offer available exclusively for new customers? This triggers existing clientele because they feel as if they don’t matter as much. Much like a relationship, your current customer base wants to be treated as if you’re still trying to woo them.

Clients expect you to truly know everything about them – this includes serving their needs like they came on board yesterday. Easy ways to do this are to ensure a user-friendly and seamless mobile and desktop experience, consistent messaging, and educating via select channels that include Social Media and Webinars. Another absolute must is having a workforce trained, empowered, and compensated for putting customer service and CX first, which requires a leadership team who understands the role CX plays in impacting the top line and bottom line in the long run.

That’s the heart of customer experience, and it’s here to stay.

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