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“Total Customer Experience”

IoT products are changing the way companies compete as well as reshaping how they are organized and execute business processes....

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing Institute (CMI) just released its 11th annual B2B content marketing research report in early October 2020. It includes insights into how...

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Good EX = Good CX

When it comes to superior experience, which comes first? Customers or employees? The answer is simple. BOTH! A business depends...

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Innovative product failures?

Another high-profile consumer electronics company is going out of business. On February 12, 2020, Essential Products, said that they would...

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Is Google Trying to Deceive

Google is continually working to improve their search results pages. But are the improvements aimed at enhancing the user’s experience or...

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Mapping “Jobs to Be Done” 

By mapping the job a customer is trying to get done, we can discover opportunities for new products and services....

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Successful Product Development

In an article entitled “Why Do So Many Innovative Products Fail?”, I explored some of the reasons why new products...

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Under Armor has “Marketing Myopia”

The New York Times published an article on January 29th, 2020, entitled “How Under Armour Lost Its Edge.” You can...

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my little pony

What “My Little Pony” Teaches

Without customers, your business doesn’t exist. As business owners, managers, and developers, it’s our business to obtain & retain customers....

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What’s new?

Navstella + Greater Houston Partnership

Navstella is excited to announce that we will be joining the Greater Houston Partnership in November 2020. Membership at the

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“Women in Leadership Virtual Panel

University of Houston's Bauer Graduate Women's Network is hosting a "Women in Leadership Virtual Panel Discussion" on October 22 at 5 PM.

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Women Who Mean Business Honorees!

Congratulations to our very own Divya Visentini for being named as one of Houston Business Journal's 2020 Women Who Mean Business honorees! NavStella would

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AMA -Marketing Strategies To Drive

NavStella’s Co-Founder and Partner, Divya Visentini presented a class at the AMA Houston on January 30, 2020, on Marketing Strategies

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ANA January 2020 Luncheon The

Presented by Divya Visentini, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, NavStella Consulting Presentation Summary: Customer experience is becoming an increasingly important decision factor

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