International Client’s Day


With Customer Experience, Every Day Can Be International Client’s Day

Since the birth of Navstella, our beliefs have been the driving force that fuels how we spend our time. Among those beliefs is one where we urge ourselves to thread the needle even when doing so seems impossible. Day in and day out, members of our team strive to be successful but selfless, friendly but protective, growing but loyal, specifically for the sake of our clients. On that note, March 19th has been pinpointed as a date to celebrate International Client’s Day.


Since our inception two years ago, Navstella has had the good fortune of growing thanks to positive word of mouth derived from our strong relationships with our clients – past and present. This is a reminder of how truly blessed we are to have you, our client, looking after us as well. And a significant portion of our deepest heartfelt gratitude also goes out to you for recognizing the infinite value of Customer Experience.


CX is quickly evolving into a much-needed priority within businesses across the globe, becoming the responsibility of not just one employee or department but everyone in each company. CX goes beyond being a priority even – it has been discovered for the lifeline it must be for an organization to thrive. Customer experience has never been something you do to your customers; it’s always been something you do FOR your customers.


If the trials we faced in 2020 ignited something beautifully hopeful inside of our souls, it’s what we can accomplish when all of us are onboard working together, for one another. This particular Friday might mark Client’s Day on the calendar, although bear with us. Through relentless drive, we have the capacity to make all 365 days a year become Client’s Day.


Cheers to clients everywhere – we owe all of you this.


Warmest regards,


Your Navstella Team