From Commoditization to Transformation through Customer Centricity

Several industries in the B2B world suffer from historic commoditization. In these industries, the way to compete and grow was to offer a lower price or a slightly better product or service. With the adoption of technology, with the abundance of data, and a shift in B2B customers expecting experiences to mimic the B2C world, companies have woken up to a deep understanding that the only long-term path forward is to differentiate based on experience. Enter “Customer Experience”.

B2B decision-makers consider a number of variables when making a purchase, but today more than ever before, customer experience is often the tipping point when it comes to acquiring—and keeping—business.

A 2020 Gallup research shows that only 29 percent of B2B customers are fully engaged, and 71 percent are at risk to leave for a competitor. Engagement is clearly critical: Companies with the highest levels of engagement have 72 percent more fully engaged customers.

At Navstella, we understand how to design and implement CX, VOC, and process improvement programs that are guided by research and data, informed by customer journeys, activated by digital and content marketing, measured by KPIs, and driven by engaged employees. While we love working with different types of clients, we find our experience, expertise, and offerings best suited to serving Enterprise clients needing custom solutions for their unique  and often complex problems.

If you do not see your specific industry listed here, don’t worry. We continually seek out opportunities to design new and more complete experiences for our clients. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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