Re-imagining Customer Experience Through
Design, Data, and Technology

Over 80% of organizations expect to compete mainly based on Customer Experience (CX) in 2020.


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Customer Experiences (CX)

Why Customer Experience Matters

Customer Experience (CX) is defined as the overall experience of a customer with a company based on all interactions before, during, and after the purchase of a product or service.

The New Frontier

Customer Experience is the new frontier. Brands are no longer built through advertising. They are created through experiences – delightful, personalized, seamless, and impactful experiences.

Companies that look at only their immediate competitors to benchmark their customer experience efforts are missing out on one key point – customer experiences are forged by their experiences of leading brands across industries.

People see the world through a digital lens now. The digital experience and the customer experience have come to become the same now; there is no delineation anymore. There is a convergence of marketing and technology like never before – and this has impacted customer expectations when they engage with a brand.

Digital is reinventing the overall experience that brands deliver to their customers. Developing and improving digital channels is the top action being taken by leading companies to improve customer experience.

NavStella understands the importance of digital in creating great customer experiences to win, serve, and retain their ever-fickle customers. We work with clients to drive growth through winning CX strategies and implementations.


Problems We Solve

Clients come to us with many problems. While we would like to help them in solving all them, we do best in finding answers to the following problems:



How do I create and tell a brand story that is meaningful and based on purpose and value?



How do I communicate my brand story through exceptional moments and create an emotional connection with my customers?



How do I light up my brand digitally to serve my customers with agility, predictability, and personalization?



How do I engage my organization from inside through employee branding, engagement, and ambassadorship?


How We Do It

At NavStella, we help our clients by focusing on four primary capabilities.

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We Help You Get To Know Your Customers

We help define the right customer experience strategy linked to your brand’s purpose and positioning. We create a solid business case focused on key metrics that inspire and align your executive team. Using design thinking frameworks, we run workshops, gather data, and conduct surveys to benchmark performance, establish KPIs, and develop journey maps and roadmaps.

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We Design A Seamless Omnichannel Experience

Using Service Design insights, we drive the creation of seamless, branded, and delightful omnichannel experiences. From branding to design, UX to UI, web to app development, motion graphics to VR, IoT to RPA, we incorporate all design, data, and technology components to deliver seamlessly at every customer touchpoint across their digital journeys.

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We Engage Your Customers With Personalized And Adaptive Experiences

We convert potential customers to actual customers using well- planned and measurable campaigns, drive engagement using organic tactics, and create loyalty through social and content marketing – all to ensure the experience is personalized and adaptive across every touchpoint along the customer’s journey. It is a well-orchestrated balance between art and science. Design and data.

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We Turn Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors To Drive Your Vision

We align your employee and leadership experience with your brand and customer experience. We design training, coaching, and communication frameworks to equip your employees and guide your leadership with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver a differentiated customer experience every time accounting for language, gender, lifestyle, and culture.


NavStella's CX Value Framework


Why our clients choose us as their trusted partner

Not Your Traditional Consulting Company

NavStella is not your traditional consulting company, nor are a run-of-the-mill agency. We don’t view our clients’ needs through the lens of our own core capabilities or technology investments and only recommend what we know.

Instead, we possess a diverse set of skills, and we operate on a progressive, collaborative, and entrepreneurial business model that focusses on only two things – solving our client’s problems and offering them the best of breed solutions while doing so. We view our clients as our partners, and our clients see us as an extension of their internal marketing and digital teams.

For brands to succeed in this age of digital transformation and ever-rising customer expectations, they need a new breed of digital agency to help them – one that melds the strategic thinking of a business consultancy, creative and outside-the-box thinking of a design agency, and the technology-centric mindset of a technology consultancy- all rolled into one. This new consulting agency space what NavStella occupies. We close the gap between brand promise and customer expectations.

We bring our global and practical experience and design a CX strategy which differentiates your brands from the competition and delivers bottom line growth. We develop customer experience programs, surveys and process re-engineering which has led to exponential shifts in customer experience outcomes.

Along with marketing, and communications, we offer unique insights and perspectives on outsourcing, vendor selection, automation, technology, and quality assurance.

At our core, we believe in forging partnerships founded on stewardship, integrity, respect, creativity, steadfastness, and respect for our community and environment.

What's In A Name?

We live in a world where people, technologies, and policies are colliding in a way like never before. Waters seem choppy, and unknown and uncharted shores impossible to see. Even the best captains need good navigators. Navigators with experience to draw on, expertise to bank on, and a sense of direction to help guide their ship.

NavStella - born from two words in Italian - Navigatore (Navigator) and Stella (Star) is our promise to every ship's captain we get to sail with, that as navigators of your ship, we will help you follow your north star goals with transparency, integrity, respect, and steadfastness. Why? Because, when we board that ship with you - we are just as invested, just as excited, and just as committed to reaching the shores we set out to discover - with you, for you.

Talk to us. If we are the right partners for you, we are more than ready to come aboard.

Why It Matters

We drive value and measurable growth for our clients by simplifying and solving complex business problems while digitally enabling them for future success. While what we do matters; what matters more to us is how we go about doing it. Here’s what we believe in.

Here’s what we believe in.

  • Stewardship: It’s in our name. As navigators of our clients’ brand and business, we take our responsibility as stewards very seriously. We treat your business with the same care and respect that we give ours.

  • Integrity: We believe in being honest, and consistent and remain uncompromising in our adherence to strong ethics and values. Clients, employees, partners, vendors – anyone we interact with, we do so with integrity.

  • Respect: We do more than hire and work with smart people. We believe in respecting them for their abilities, qualities, and achievements. We bring that very respect to how we treat and engage with our clients.

  • Creativity: We believe it takes more than expertise, and knowledge to drive change and innovation. Creativity is at the heart of any impactful success. We celebrate creativity in everything we do.

  • Steadfastness: We believe in being dependable, reliable, and constant. We believe in consciousness in staying true to our values and the promises we make our clients, our employees, and our partners.

  • Community and Environment: We believe in the social responsibility of positively impacting our community and environment. Part of our profits go in supporting SEARCH Homeless Services, Asha for Education, and The Humane Society Of The United States.

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Divya Visentini - Co-Founder and Partner

For nearly 20 years, Divya Visentini has been crafting marketing and experience strategies driven by technology for Fortune 500 and other Enterprise and mid-market clients. She has orchestrated global, national, and local programs for companies in Oil & Gas, Utilities, Technology, Finance, Public Sector, and Education. A change-maker, she has always sought to drive innovation and business growth for her clients.

Before starting NavStella, Divya Visentini was Managing Director at Accenture and served as North America Transformation and Innovation lead for the Oil and Gas vertical. She came to Accenture from Hearst, where she started the digital agency GTM and delivery models that resulted in a tri-coastal agency market presence for Hearst, including Amuse Digital in Houston.

A speaker, a change maker, guide, and mentor – Divya has always sought to create a balanced, happy, and productive work environment and influences the people around her with positivity and passion. She is a keen advocate of Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.

Divya is a Governing Board Member at SEARCH Homeless, a Houston-based organization working on ending homelessness in Houston. She is also an Advisory Board Member for Southern Methodist University’s digital accelerator focusing on Big Data. She is also a Board Member of SAWPN, the South Asian Women’s Professional Network group that engages modern professional women across various professions.

Divya holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry (Bangalore University, India), an MBA in Corporate Finance & Strategy (Hull University, UK), and an MBA in Marketing (University of Houston). Go Coogs!

She is a mother to a 14-year-old boy and a Shih Tzu named Peanut. A cricket and soccer enthusiast, she is a die-hard supporter of Arsenal Football Club. A self-proclaimed “aspiring polymath,” she enjoys many things, but for now, she is focused on reading, art, travel, and learning new languages.

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Chad Alessi - Co-Founder and Partner

With an 18-year career spanning oil and gas operations, engineering consulting, and digital transformation, Chad brings a global and practical approach to developing and implementing CX programs for his clients. Leveraging his education in Engineering, Technology, and Data Analytics, Chad focusses on driving measurable and impactful outcomes for his clients.

Prior to NavStella, Chad has held various leadership positions and has led successful programs and initiatives at Williams Energy, Kinder Morgan, Aker Kvaener, and NuCor Steel. Chad has deep experience in leading large, cross-functional teams, driving success, and managing change.

Chad holds an MBA in Data Analytics and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alabama. He has certifications in Leadership from Harvard Business School, Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University, Full Stack Development from University of Texas at Austin, and is a Certified Reliability Engineer, and IoT Product Manager.

An avid writer and sharer of knowledge, Chad is a contributing writer to Medium. Read his articles here. Chad served in the United States Marine Corps and is a proud father of two accomplished and beautiful daughters.

Although a Crimson Tide fan, Chad is an all-round avid sports fan. He also loves reading, writing, photography and traveling. A keen advocate of women’s and children’s rights, Chad volunteers and participates in programs and projects supporting women and children.

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